Paul van Diepen - Line Drawing Library

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Note: The image library is freely available for all noncommercial research, if properly referenced.

A set of line drawings, which has been used extensively in perception research of our Laboratory, was digitized by me in 1994 to a new image library. The set was originally redrawn from slides, photos and drawings by Peter De Graef in 1988. In addition to real-world scenes and objects the set also contains a number of non-existing objects, some of them adapted from the set provided by Kroll and Potter (1984), and others constructed by combining drawings of existing objects. The new set was created using a 600 DPI flatbed image scanner.

Example of a scene background:

Line drawing of a scene

Example of a object:

example of an object

Example of a non-object:

example of a non-object

For my research, 30 scene backgrounds, 252 objects, and 42 non-objects have been digitized. The resulting library can be obtained from the FTP site at the Leuven Department of Psychology in the original format, or downloaded here in "Portable Network Graphics" (PNG) format. Objects and non-objects can be found in folder objects, at scanner resolution (600 DPI, occasionally 300 DPI for large objects). Scene backgrounds in folder backgroundshave been scaled to a 756 x 486 NTSC format. More information on the image library can be found in the internal report Line-drawing library and software toolbox.

Paul M. J. van Diepen - October 2002